Dear Lord Jesus reveal to me from today anything in my character or habits which is still giving the demon claiming me as its spouse access to my destiny in Jesus’ name.

I disconnect all my children born and unborn today from the generational curse of having a spirit spouse (incubus or succubus) in Jesus’ name. I declare that my children are not in any covenant with any demon. I set them free and declare that according to Isaiah 54:13 my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace.

Today I affirm that by the power that raised Christ from the dead living in me according to Romans 8:11 I am free from every manipulation over my life by the spirit claiming me as its spouse.

No spirit spouse (incubus or succubus) can stop me from getting married, staying married, being united with my spouse, being friends with my spouse and living a long full life in Jesus’ name.

  No spirit spouse will stop me from submitting to my husband and having children and enjoying an abundant life according to John 10 :10 in Jesus’ name.

  No spirit spouse will stop me from loving my wife as Christ loves the church, having children and enjoying an abundant life according to John 10:10 in Jesus’s name.

(100) Deliverance From Spirit Husband and Spirit Wife. – YouTube

My husband/wife and I are submitted to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior Jesus.

I declare a complete restoration and healing to every damage done to my body, my health, my emotions, my mind, my character, my habits, my finances, my reputation, my destiny, my marriage, my career and my children by the spirit claiming me as its spouse.

You demon sponsoring impure sexual dreams in my life to destroy my destiny, I bind you and cast you out of my life in Jesus name. I declare that my dreams are for godly revelations. You spirit husband/ wife. The Lord Jesus Christ rebukes you. Get thee behind me



In marriage If one of the spouses, (SPOUSE A) is doing deliverance work and gets rid of the spirit spouse which they have from their own ancestral line and the other spouse (SPOUSE B) has not done this, even if “spouse A” is free from their own spirit spouse; the spirit spouse from “Spouse B” still has access to “Spouse A” and vice-versa. Therefore, in the case of marriage it is very important for both parties to humble themselves before God and seek complete deliverance in order for both parties to be free.

1 Corinthians 6:16-18  tells us this (When you join yourself to a prostitute, you become one with her in body. Don’t you know this? Scripture says, “The two will become one. “But whoever is joined to the Lord becomes one with him in spirit.18 Keep far away from sexual sins. All the other sins a person commits are outside the body. But sexual sins are sins against their own body).

                   Lord Jesus today I stand in the gap for my spouse, and I ask you to forgive them of all generational sins which may have covenanted them to an evil spirit.

              Holy spirit I ask that you visit my spouse today and shine your light and power into them and convict them of their need for deliverance so that we can be both free from spirit spouses and have a marriage which glorifies you completely.

           You spirit spouse attached to my spouse you time is up! I stand today on the behalf of my spouse according to mark 10: 8-9 we are one therefore I command you to release them from your dominion and authority in Jesus name.

By the power that raised Christ from the dead I remove my spouse from the alternate universe you spirit spouse have created for them where they are led to believe that you do not exist.

I command that their spiritual eyes be opened, and their heart become sensitive to the prompting of the Holyspirit so that they can be brought to the place where they themselves by “their will” will renounce all pact and covenants which have allowed a spirit spouse into our lives.

 Until the time when my spouse will renounce their spirit spouse and we will become one under Christ ,…..I stand in the place of intercession and ask for a covering over my children according  to 1 Corinthians 7:14 which states that:  The unbelieving wife has been made holy through her believing husband. If that were not the case, your children would not be pure and “clean.” But as it is, they are HOLY.

I bind and cast out and stop the works of the spirit claiming my spouse as theirs in our lives especially over our children, finances and our health in Jesus’s name amen.

 I command circumstances and situations to align themselves, governed by the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ for my spouse to come to full realization of their need for deliverance and in humility seek complete freedom in Jesus’s name.

Please Holy Spirit, when my spouse becomes ready for deliverance lead us to the right places and people who will help bring forth this deliverance without shaming us.

Holyspirit please make me and my spouse one in spiritual warfare so we can fight together and operate with unity so that you may be glorified.

 Holy Spirit please help me to stay in the place of intercession, humility, joy, and patience as I wait for you to go to work in my spouses’ heart to that all the above can be accomplished and we as a family can experience complete victory in Jesus mighty name. AMEN


(with anointing oil and communion)

1. Lord Jesus as I go to sleep tonight I repent of all sins which I may have committed knowingly or unknowingly during this day and ask for your forgiveness
I cover my dreams with the blood of Jesus.

2. I lock up the gateways to my dreams with the key of David according revelations 3: 7 and forbid any access into my dreams by any demons trying to give me sexually perverted dreams and or any demonic dreams in Jesus’s name.

3. I declare that according to psalm 34 the angel of the Lord encamps around me as I sleep to deliver me from all demons trying to have any sexual encounters in my dreams in Jesus’s name.

4. Holyspirit come and take your place in my dreams, commune with me and give me a restful night so I can operate with strength tomorrow and bring glory to your name.

I declare that according to Isaiah 54:5 I am married to my maker Jesus Christ and I have been redeemed by his blood. Therefore my dream life is redeemed and no evil spirit can have access to me tonight to torment me with sexual encounters in Jesus’s name.

Holyspirit empower me to resist any demons who would seek to manipulate me in my dreams to engage in sexual encounters with them in Jesus’s name.

I loose myself from all dominion of evil and from the spirit of fear and lust in Jesus’s name.

Holyspirit fill me afresh with your spirit of power love and a sound mind. I belong to you and I replace all spirit spouse encouters today and forever with Holyghost encounters in Jesus name.

  Communion:  Declare this prayer over your communion then take it: This is the cup of the new covenant in the blood of Jesus Christ which was poured for me according to Luke 22:20, I know it and declare it t therefore I am the bride of Christ according to Ephesians 5:22-33. I am not the bride of Satan, Satan you cannot have sexual encounters with me tonight in Jesus name. I loose and cover this room and my bed and myself and all that belongs to me with the blood of Jesus Christ.

 Annointed oil:  Anoint yourself and your room wall and bed then declare the following: I now anoint my myself and my room in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit and ask you HOLYGHOST to wrap me in your comforting presence as you unleash your powerful angels of protection into the spiritual atmosphere in my room. In Jesus name

 I declare psalm 4; 8 over myself and as 2 edged sword against any evil demonic force that would seek to trouble my sleep tonight with spirit spouse encounters, nightmares eating in the dream, sleep paralysis and fear it is written
In peace I will lie down and sleep,
for you alone, Lord,
make me dwell in safety.

And so shall it be tonight for me in Jesus name








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