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New single Worship Song now available on all streaming platforms.

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WAR SONG¬†encourages the believer to shift from the position of pleading and begging God to change their negative situations caused by demonic activity … to commanding the demons to flee. As we sing War Song, we are declaring the word of God against demonic activity in our lives. War Song is based on psalm 24 and Isaiah 60:11. This song is for anyone who feels like the enemy is in the driver seat of their life and is tired of being a passive Christian. There is great grace for us to go to war, fight and win over the devil and his demons for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

WORSHIP SONG allows the believer to worship God for all his attributes but especially for being “Bele ye Fabon” which means the one who gives children.


LOVE SONG allows the believer to worship Christ from the place of his bride as we proclaim our love to him

JOY SONG establishes the believer’s victory over spirits of anxiety and depression.

GRACE SONG allows the believer to worship God for being the God who saves us by Grace and not by our works.

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